Woodfired, Organic, Sourdough – perfect recipe featured image

Woodfired, Organic, Sourdough – perfect recipe


Margaret River Woodfired Bread is a gem of a bakery that you can find on the corner of Boodjidup Road and Burton Road in Margaret River just next to an Antique Shop. That may already give you a hint of what type of place it is – a place with a
vintage soul

The shop opened its doors in August 2015 by two devoted and experienced bakers – Gotthard Bauer and Santana Thorburn. Bauer is a 5th Generation German baker who also runs the Yallingup Woodfired Bread bakery just up the
coast from Margaret River in Yullingup’s bush. Thornburn has an impressive 25 years long history of sourdough making with 15 of those years of woodfired baking. Those two wizards definitely know what they’re doing to bring the best quality biodynamic and organic woodfired sourdough to everyone in the hood.

When passing by it is impossible not to smell the aromas  of freshly baked bread, burnt wood and milled grains. When walking in through the doors you are magically transferred in time to a medieval bread craftsmen’ workshop. The simple and raw space where the bread is made and sold is a combination of wood, white bricks and concrete floors. The first room that serves as a shop is furnished with an old traditional equipment, bread themed art and artefacts. The flour stains the flour and can be felt in the air like a fairy dust. When approaching the counter you’ll be greeted by one of the bakers who at other times work just behind the wall doing their alchemy.

           Bringing the bakery to life and putting everything in place took 3 months of arduous work. ‘Building our three brick Woodfired ovens was quite a process for our builder/brick layer with lots of intricately purpose cut bricks put in place brick by brick to hold it all together and make it work efficiently with heat and thermal mass’ says the co-owner’s wife, Cherie Thorburn. Woodfired bread requires a greater deal of skill on behalf of the bakers in comparison to using electric or gas ovens. There are no temperatures gauges on woodfired ovens therefore the bakers need ‘to be able to read, feel and have an instinct for what is happening with a fire and the loaves baking’ explains Cherie Thorburn. The skills and patients are rewarded with tasty loaves with an extra crispy crust.

           The bakery does one bake per day due to the long natural process, from a grain to a loaf, that sourdough bread requires. Sourdough owes its texture and sour flavour to a fermentation of the dough with naturally occurring lactobacilli and wild yeast. Thanks to that sourdough keeps fresh longer and it’s also healthier than other breads. In contrast to most bakeries, MR Woodfired Bread bakery flipped the idea of making freshly baked bread available in the morning to baking in the afternoon. They believe working night shifts that are usual in other bakeries is not good for the staff. ‘We find day shifts are better for people working with us and for their morale, family and work life balance is better also.’ explains Cherie Thorburn.

           Everything used to make bread in Margaret River Woodfired Bread bakery is certified organic and supplied locally. It’s the owners’ philosophy to bring healthier and organic bread to the community and support local farmers and businesses. Besides selling their bread in the bakery’s retail shop they also supply local cafes and make a weekly appearance at the local Margaret River Farmers Market on Saturdays.

           When visiting the bakery you can also purchase a locally made honey and free range eggs from the local farmers.

Address: Unit 2/2 Boodjidup Road, Margaret River

Sourdough bread types: White, Wholemeal, Rye, Seeded, Fruit,

Price: $6,50/loaf

Opening Hours:  Mon- 3pm to 6 pm

                          Tues-Sat- 8 am to 6pm

                          Sun- am until closed

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