Inspired by light – Bangkok’s sweet, raw revolution featured image

Inspired by light – Bangkok’s sweet, raw revolution

Julia Panchkowry, grew up in a little countryside village on the outskirts of London, surrounded by nature and healthy fresh meals  prepared by her parents. The respect and appreciation for food in her family had a great impact on her beliefs and love for food — even after she moved to the busy concrete jungle of Thai’s capital.

Her passion and search for vegan and organic food in Bangkok, after she moved there from you-can-find-everything-your soul- desires London, led her to create a business that gives her a voice in the food and wellness community of Bangkok.

The Banana Warrior specializes in raw vegan dessert  but it’s also business that goes far beyond that. Julia Panchkowry, the founder and owner of that sweet temple,  describes herself as a “strong advocate for eating with intuition and relearning how to listen to your innate body signals”

Having a food business was never part of her life plan, in fact she trained to be an actress in a performing art academy in London which didn’t fulfil her after all.

The Banana Warrior’s team of bakers creates all vegan desserts and raw foods themselves. The brand was born in May 2017 with a few flavours of vegan banana bread and grew very fast since. Panchkowry soon introduced a range of raw products, inspired by the training she undertook with her raw dessert guru Sayuri Tanaka, owner of Sayuri Healing Foods in Bali.

One could feed on Banana Warrior’s product all day – starting with warm Mr Masala gingery spiced banana bread with sticky and rich cacao glaze for breakfast,  The Nutty Blonde full of crunchy nuts and gooey baked bananas for lunch and Koh Pineapple sweet and creamy raw cheescake with a crunchy base and coconut milk and coconut flower nectar cream on top for dinner. Oh! We wouldn’t want to forget to snack on  Let’s talk about Tahini raw truffles with a surprise cacao filling inside spilling out like a chocolate lava.

The Banana Warrior put a great importance on health and wellness, therefore all the ingredients are stainable, fair trade and ethically sourced. They also source most of the ingredients locally supporting local farmers and the community. Consequently the available products change monthly and seasonally.

“We focus on foods that have the highest energy for the light because we believe that energy becomes part of us and why wouldn’t you want to be full of light?”, she says. 

The palette of flavours is one thing, but how about the names? Mr Masala, Let’s talk about Tahini, Inspired by Bali or Paleo Blues and all the others. It certainly sounds funky and portrays Banana Warrior’s spirit and soul. Their approach to marketing on Facebook and Instagram shows further – it’s all done by Panchkowry herself.

I like to show my personality a bit when I am marketing too and I am the only one that can do that,”  she says.  Perhaps her time in performing arts academy it’s sneaking through her food and business allowing her to be artsy and creative in a fuller spectrum.

The Banana Warrior also has an important place in Bangkok’s vegan and wellness world – Panchkowry actively promotes healthy eating by organising various events all around Bangkok., such as Plant People 3 or Ayurveda Wellness Day.

The Banana Warrior’s desserts can be found at distributors in Bangkok like Broccoli Revolution or Paleo Robbie and ordered online. They recently opened a branch in Bali, as well.

Photos by The Banana Warrior

Julia Panchkowry in her kitchen
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