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Food On The Road

Food On the Road popped into my head as an idea and my personal project before embarking on a road trip around Australia.

I truly adore good food and act of cooking. Food is not only a fuel for my body but also for my soul. Travels without delicious food are not complete.

It’s an understatment to say I was very excited to live free and cook hearty and nutritious meals everywhere along our way. Just pull over in a beautiful spot with breathtaking views and cook out of the car accompanied by sounds of nature. I’m sure you know that feeling.

When I write cook I don’t mean warming up a good old Heinz veggie stew from a tin or even the healthiest soup from a bag that you eat it with a toast bread. What I really mean and what I was looking forward to the most in our trip was to simply enjoy preparing and eating delicious homemade food. Food that nurtures us so we can thrive on it, thrive on life and on our adventures.

To be able to run it smoothly and not to lose the bliss of cooking in the bush without a kitchen full of things you cannot live without, you need to be prepared.

So, make sure you have all your accesories ready and handy to use. Pick the spices you cook with and love the most. Don’t forget to sharpen your knife. Get a proper nice pan and a pot. And worry no more just go with a flow and keep your head open. It will be beautiful.

If that sounds like something you would love to try or if you’re already living that van-sort-of-life dream but you’re looking for inspirations plant based and easy, but filling with nutritients and flavours, dishes then I hope you’ll enjoy that part of my blog.

I wanna share with you all my struggles and joys of cooking on the road. Eathing healthy and happy. All through my recipes that DO WORK on the road.

Let’s gear up and make some food on the road together.

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