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Raw Snickers Bar

Snickers bar is probably one of the most popular candy bars around the world that popped on shops’ shelves back in 1930. As much as it’s delicious it is also full of refined sugar and other additives. Although, for all of you (*us) who love the caramely, nutty aspect of snickers but care for your health and wellness, I have much better alternative. The homemade Raw Snickers Bar that is easy peasy to make and full of nutrients and fibre.


Woodfired, Organic, Sourdough – perfect recipe

Margaret River Woodfired Bread is a gem of a bakery that you can find on the corner of Boodjidup Road and Burton Road in Margaret River just next to an Antique Shop. That may already give you a hint of what type of place it is – a place with a vintage soul.


Chili sin carne

Many of you may have heard about juicy, comforting and warming dish called Chili con carne. Many of you may also have thought about it as a traditional meal from so much loved Mexican cusine (I confess I did!).


Food On The Road

It’s an understatment to say I was excited to live free and cook hearty and nutritious meals everywhere along our way. Just pull over in a beautiful spot with breathtaking views and cook out of the car, I’m sure you know that feeling.


Apple Pie and Caramel naked layer cake

The recipe below indulges one’s love for apple pie, dulce de leche and burnt butter sponge in one layer cake.


Poppyseed roll cake aka Makowiec

Let’s talk about cakes. Let’s talk about traditon.

Christmas comes and goes but fortunately the festive season keeps spoiling us with family times, boozy cocktails and delightful food. We float in a miraculous bubble through to the New Year with heads full of plans and resolutions. We want to bring good change into our lives and reality so we can feel cheery all year round.


Inspired by light – Bangkok’s sweet, raw revolution

Julia Panchkowry, grew up in a little countryside village on the outskirts of London, surrounded by nature and healthy fresh meals prepared by her parents. The respect and appreciation for food in her family had a great impact on her beliefs and love for food — even after she moved to the busy concrete jungle of Thai’s capital.


Gingerbread Chocolate Rolls {Pepparkakasbullar}

Kanelbullar, Kardemummabullar, Saffransbullar: does that ring a bell?
The words above are not only an exciting nifty names but what’s hidden behind them is a real gem.

Imagine soft but not sticky dough shaped as the most alluring and elegant wreaths and twists full of luscious buttery sweet and spicy filling coming out of the ribbons of the dough. Topped with and egg wash and pearl sugar for the final fantastic finish.


A Gut Feeling

For centuries, water kefir grains were widely used by people of various origins and lifestyles to make a special brew that kept them strong and healthy.
The first stories about water kefir grains date back to the 1800’s when the grains were discovered in Mexico, Tibet, Caucacas Mountains and the southern peninsula of Ukraine. Some people say that the grains originated from an Opuntia -prickly pear – cactus plant found in Mexico and were collected from the plant’s pads.